Our story

This is how we became the company we are today.

Inspiration from the bank strike

It all started in 1990, when a month-long nation-wide bank strike in Finland started causing long queues in the financial offices of local public administration. Despite banks being closed, customers attempted to submit their payments on time. The city hall in Joensuu was crowded with local residents trying to pay for their public services. They had prepared for the strike by hoarding piles of cash, which now started to flow to the financial office as the due dates approached. Keeping the books was challenging with such sudden and heavy volume of transactions. Reconciliations and settlements required long hours from the clerks working at the financial administration.

Media coverage of the long queues got young IT professionals thinking. They started to wonder how technology could be used to solve the chaos and guarantee more efficient payment management in all situations. They had discussions with the city officials, who quickly recognized the potential to modernize local financial administration. After the process of competitive procurement, the development project started with the city of Joensuu.

The first real-time POS at the dawn of the depression

After a busy year of development and testing, the first real-time point-of-sale system for Finnish public sector was born. It received nation-wide interest, and soon after CPU started negotiations with other major cities in Finland.

Local residents welcomed the new system, especially because it freed them from the service fees which banks collected with every invoice payment. Unlike banks, the new software also provided card payment as an option. The financial administration of Joensuu municipality was delighted with the opportunity to save costs and manage the payment processes, which became even more important as the depression hit the country.

From a local software house to a national market leader

In CPU, the excitement of the early 1990’s has developed into a great passion towards payment solutions and unparalleled public sector expertise. The original point-of-sale system designed specifically for the needs of the Finnish public sector has proven to be customizable to many different fields. Thanks to 30 years of tireless development, Ceepos has become the market leader in both public and educational sectors in Finland.

Together we are more

The year 2019 marked the beginning of a new era, when CPU joined Confirma Software group, a provider of vertical enterprise software solutions across the Nordics. CPU is excited to seize this opportunity and explore brand new horizons within the Nordic market.