Payment solutions for cities and municipalities

Ceepos solutions answer all the different payment needs within a city or a municipality.


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Swift payment processes in restaurants and catering

In a lunch restaurant the peak time is short but crucial for profitability. Speed up the service with Ceepos solutions.


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Upgrade your waste management service.

Ceepos simplifies your financial administration and leaves more time for customer service.


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First class payment platform

The versatile Ceepos payment platform includes point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile payment and access control solutions.


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Tutustu Ceepos- maksamisen alustaan

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Luotettavat Ceepos- maksamisen ratkaisut

Maksamisen H-hetkellä ei ole varaa epäonnistua, joten valitse viisaasti - meidän ratkaisuihimme voit luottaa.


How many different systems does your organisation really need for processing cash, card and other payments?

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With Ceepos web payment solution, you can add products to your web store and accept payments from other systems.

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Mobile payments

Provide your customers the comfort of paying through a mobile app without compromising the automated processing of transactions.

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Access control

We provide comprehensive solutions for both personal and vehicle access control.

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Payment terminals and devices

We provide all POS work stations, payment terminals and other peripheral devices you need, to go with our payment solutions.

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CPU tarjoaa toimivia maksu- ja kassajärjestelmäratkaisuja usealle eri toimialalle.

Cities and municipalities

Ceepos solutions make it simple to address the payment needs of various industries.

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Educational institutions

Different systems do not always communicate with each other. Ceepos solutions provide smooth integrations with your other systems.

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Car dealership and services

Upgraded payment methods enable new business models.

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Restaurants and catering

Our solutions ensure swift payment processes and satisfied customers even during the peak hours.

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Waste management

Upgrade your service by upgrading the payment processes with Ceepos.

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