Payment platform that leaves more time for customer service

Upgrade your service by upgrading the payment processes with Ceepos.

Our multi-functional solutions address the needs of waste management. Our several ready-made integrations with existing waste management and financial management systems make deployment easy both at the waste stations and in administration. Ceepos POS system improves customer service and makes both processing cash and card payments and invoicing more efficient. By connecting also the small waste stations into the system, you can maximize the benefits of centralized administration.

Flexible use

We are familiar with the waste management business setting and keep developing our solutions together with our customers. Our solutions are available to use either with ethernet or wireless 4G connection in waste stations or in the waste collection vehicles if needed.

Our solutions allow you to provide several payment method options. Your customers can pay their service fees at the point-of-sale, online or through a mobile app. Access control solution can be carried out with boom barriers.

Reliable partner

We offer true partnership to all our customers. In addition to Ceepos software, we provide all its lifecycle services. Our helpdesk, maintenance and consulting services are all run by our own highly skilled professionals. When your waste management company wants to increase efficiency in collecting and processing payments, save costs on financial management and improve customer service, Ceepos is the right solution for you.

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Luotettavat Ceepos- maksamisen ratkaisut

Maksamisen H-hetkellä ei ole varaa epäonnistua, joten valitse viisaasti - meidän ratkaisuihimme voit luottaa.


Montako järjestelmää organisaatiossasi tarvitaan käteis-, kortti- ja muiden maksujen käsittelyyn?

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Ceepos-verkkomaksuratkaisulla voit hoitaa tuotejulkaisut verkkokauppaan ja ottaa keskitetysti vastaan muiden tietojärjestelmien maksuja.

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Mobile payments

Tarjoa asiakkaillesi mobiilimaksun helppous tinkimättä taloushallinnon prosessien automatiikasta.

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Access control

We provide comprehensive solutions for both personal and vehicle access control.

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Payment terminals and devices

We provide all POS work stations, payment terminals and other peripheral devices you need, to go with our payment solutions.

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