Add access control to your Ceepos solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for both personal and vehicle access control.

Ceepos access control solutions enable you to control the entry of people and vehicles to your premises. Our versatile solution can address various access control needs of different industries. Whether you need to control the access of customers to a leisure centre or allow self-service entry for vehicles in a car wash, Ceepos can do it for you.

Integrated payments

Ceepos access control has been integrated to Ceepos point-of-sale system as well as to our web payment solution. Customers can purchase both single tickets and seasonal passes at the checkout, self-service checkout or online. Together with the software, we can provide a variety of access gates, electric locks and lockers.

Access control solutions are typically used in leisure centres, where the access to the swimming pools is controlled by reading a customer’s personal tag at the access gate. In addition, entries between different spaces within the premises can be restricted when necessary.

Find out how an indoor swimming pool in Äänekoski municipality has made use of our access control solutions: (linkki)