Keskitetty verkkomaksupalvelu tuo säästöjä

Kun organisaatiolla on useita järjestelmiä joissa käsitellään verkkomaksuja, onko järkevää rakentaa jokaiseen omaa verkkokauppaa ja erillisiä liittymiä taloushallintoon?

With Ceepos web payment solution, you can add products to your web store and accept payments from other systems: the solution enables a central processing of web payments as well as centralized reporting and ready-made integrations with the financial management systems.

Web payment solution for the whole organization

You can add the products and services of your choice to the flexible e-commerce platform. ¬¬It is a widely used feature and the use of Ceepos web payment solutions has expanded to many different fields of business. Even if products and services are already exist in different information systems, all payments can be sent automatically into a centralized Ceepos web payment platform.
Integrations are available to several different payment services.

Ceepos web payment features

  • Centralized management of product data
  • Highlighting products on the homepage
  • Defining release and expiry dates of products
  • Product variations, e.g
    • Size options
    • Colour options
    • Berthing fees by a berth
    • Reservation fees of properties by their ID number
  • Products requiring enrolment
  • Pre-paid products
    • E-tickets
    • Period of validity
    • Balance
  • Order notifications
  • Order management tools
  • Centralized processing of web payments
  • Quantity in stock
  • Reports
  • Ready-made integrations with the most common financial management systems

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