Kun kyse on palvelun laadusta ja rahasta

Montako järjestelmää organisaatiossasi tarvitaan käteis-, kortti- ja muiden maksujen käsittelyyn?

Ceepos point-of-sales platform offers a modern and flexible solution for managing various types of transactions in your organisation’s various customer service points. The centrally managed platform can be connected with almost indefinite number of points-of-sale, self-service checkouts or payment registration points for other specific needs.

Modern and integrated

Ceepos can be used with a touch screen or with a mouse and a keyboard. It is available for desktop and laptop computers, point-of-sale terminals and tablets. Ceepos includes ready-made interfaces with the most common financial management systems used in Finland. We are also happy to build customized integrations with new systems according to your wishes.
Are you wondering if your system is connectable with Ceepos? Please, feel free to contact us: (linkki)

Ceepos features

  • a Windows-based software, which is available both as a SaaS and as an on-premises installation
  • Peripheral devices added according to the needs of each point-of-sale.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Always up-to-date, real-time processing of transactions
  • Solid audit trail

Users’ comments

  • ” reliable”
  • ” quick”
  • ” easy to use”
  • ” adaptable to my own needs”
  • ” easy to teach also for occasional users of POS”

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